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Unemployment Tracker – The Smart Solution to your Unemployment Challenges!

The Challenge – Effectively Managing Unemployment Insurance Costs!

Managing Unemployment Insurance (UI) claims is no easy task. It’s an ever-changing, never-ending process. It is time consuming, complicated, and expensive, but controlling these costs is a critical part of ensuring your business’ financial wellbeing.  Failing to stay on top of this complex challenge can be very costly – per the US Department of Labor, the current average State Unemployment Insurance Agency improper payment rate is 11.4% resulting in nearly 14 billion dollars in improper overpayments to claimants annually.

Your solution is here!  Unemployment Tracker was designed to provide busy employers like you with an easy to use and cost effective software which allows you to manage your unemployment program in-house. Now you can be your own unemployment expert because we are putting all of the tools for managing this important part of your business at your fingertips. It’s powerful, efficient and easy to understand, but best of all – it’ll save you time AND money. So, why wait, contact us now for a full demonstration of the perfect solution to your UI problems.

A few of the many benefits of using Unemployment Tracker:

  • Reduce the labor needed to manage your UI program by up to 50%.
  • Increase the credits to your State UI Account by up to 35%.
  • Significantly reduce errors and missed deadlines.
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Your UI Smart Solution: Unemployment Tracker!

Unemployment tax is one business expense you can control. Get the power to effectively manage your unemployment claims and costs in one place. Our software helps save you time and money because it is flexible enough to meets your exact needs — when and where you need them. Prepare to feel like nothing is impossible.

  • Create and Manage UI Claims
  • SIDES Web Services Integrated
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Flexible Organizational Structure
  • Flags to Catch Overcharges
  • Dynamic Reporting
  • Credits & Charges Imports
  • Track All Protests
  • and much, much more

Whether you want to file a claim from the office or check its status from the road, Unemployment Tracker lets you access all of your data from any Internet-enabled device. Because Unemployment Tracker is web-based, you can store all the data you need, without slowing down your desktop, laptop or tablet.